The below are current employment opportunities at Greene County Health Department.



The Staff Nurse has clinical nursing knowledge and is directly responsible for assessing, planning and providing care for a designated group of patients in accordance with the physician’s plan of care. This is accomplished by utilizing Agency and community resources, supervising and instructing home health aides and acting as a liaison between patient, family and physician.


Works under the supervision of the Home Health Manager.


  1. Completes referrals with physicians’ orders and signature. Channels referrals appropriately to Supervisor, Home Health Services for assignment.
  2. Systematically performs ongoing interdisciplinary patient assessment and identifies patient’s needs, including need for additional health or ancillary services and admits patients for service when appropriate.
  3. Assesses family and home environment to identify areas needing change, which will enhance patient care and promote safety.
  4. Involves patient and/or family in developing an individualized nursing care plan including necessary teaching with realistic goals.
  5. Responsible for coordination of the health care team and plans for optimal care of patient with other members of health care team and collaborates with team members to provide appropriate, effective and efficient patient care.
  6. Documents nursing care plan on a timely basis, makes changes as the patient’s condition warrants and evaluates plan on a monthly basis.
  7. Interprets the admission, discharge and other policies of the Agency to patient, physician, family and other agencies as necessary.
  8. Prepares home health aide assignments and written instructions for the aide.
  9. Provides skilled nursing care and assessment and services that are ordered by the physician according to the plan of care and promptly revises the plan as necessary in consultation with the physician and other team members as is appropriate.
  10. Provides patient and caregiver education and patient, caregiver and family counseling.
  11. Interprets to a patient and family the implications of the diagnosis and the nature of the treatment consistent with the orders of the physician.
  1. Evaluates and documents home health aide utilization at least every fourteen (14) days for skilled care and monthly for Respite care.
  2. Assists in orienting and developing new staff when necessary.
  3. Demonstrates ability to write clear, concise and accurate clinical notes, utilizing the problem oriented medical record system in a timely manner.
  4. Communicates necessary information to the Administrator and/or the Supervisor, Home Health Services as instructed.
  5. Maintains high standard of clinical care and serves as a clinical resource.
  6. Assures proper documentation of all patient care activities and statistical reports on a timely basis.
  7. Supports philosophy and policies of the Agency.
  8. Attends and participates in multidisciplinary patient care conferences, in-service programs and community meetings as assigned.
  9. Demonstrates ability to work with patient, family and health care team members efficiently.
  10. Rotates with other nursing staff for on-call system. Should an emergency arise during an on-call shift requiring special attention, the Staff Nurse would be expected to contact the Supervisor, Home Health Services.
  11. Strives continually to improve nursing knowledge through attendance at workshops, conferences, professional organization meetings and individual research and reading.
  12. Serves as a liaison between this Agency and physicians. Communicates with all physicians involved in the plan of care and other health care practitioners (as appropriate) related to the current plan of care.
  13. Establishes working relationships and opens lines of communications between appropriate personnel of this Agency and personnel of area hospitals, clinics, etc. to assure flow of information.
  14. Participates in the Agency’s QAPI program.
  15. Participates in In-Service Training provided by Agency.
  16. Other duties as assigned by the Administrator or Supervisor, Home Health Services.


1. Graduation from an accredited nursing program.

  1. Must have current Illinois R.N. License.
  2. At least two (2) years clinical nursing experience preferable.
  3. Must have current Illinois driver’s license and appropriate automobile insurance.Submit resume or application:Molly Peters, Public Health Administrator Greene County Health Department 310 5th St,
    Carrollton, IL 62016 [email protected] full-time, part-time or Per Diem employment

An equal opportunity Employer

Please complete application or submit resume to [email protected]. Open until filled.

Molly Peters, Public Health Administrator Greene County Health Department 310 5th St,
Carrollton, IL 62016

An equal opportunity employer



Responsible for clinic operation including but not limited to immunizations, communicable disease investigations, screenings, chart documentation.


Works under the supervision of the Personal Health Services Manager.


  1. Complies and ensures compliance of HIPAA regulations and agency policy and procedures.
  2. Performs duties in WIC, Family Case Management, Lead, Communicable Disease, TB, Tobacco, and Immunization programs.
  3. Assures that the professional standards of community health nursing are maintained.
  4. Participates in maintaining clinical record keeping systems that provide for accountability, effectiveness and appropriate documentation of patient care systems.
  5. Maintains records of case assignments and case management.
  6. Assists in a flexible schedule in emergency response as case investigator, contact tracer, and tech advisor.
  7. Performs other duties as assigned by the Personal Health Services Manager.


  1. Requires knowledge of Public Health programs and services.
  2. Ability to communicate with staff and community partners.
  3. Requires ability to interpret public health laws and responsibilities related to communicable disease.
  4. Requires fundamental knowledge of the principles, practices and objectives of Public Health nursing.
  5. Requires ability to properly record and provide personal services to a consumer with full confidentiality.
  6. Requires flexibility as the Health Department has Home Health Operation and may need coverage if need should arise.


  1. Required current L.P.N Licensure or R.N. Licensure in the State of Illinois with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (preferred).
  2. Understanding of Public Health programs, home health, and clinic operations.
  3. Must have car, current Illinois driver’s license and appropriate automobile insurance.

Submit resume or application:
Molly Peters, Public Health Administrator
Greene County Health Department
310 5th St,
Carrollton, IL 62016

[email protected]

This position is currently part-time employment.

Open until filled.

An equal opportunity Employer