IMPORTANT: All Services by appointment only.

Following the guidance of IDPH for limiting exposure, Greene County Health Department will temporarily be providing all services by appointment only. For WIC, Immunizations, Flu Shots, TB Skin Testing, Pregnancy Testing, and High Blood Pressure Testing, please call to make an appointment. You will be screened when you arrive for your scheduled visit. Adults: only the individual needing a service may enter. For children: A parent or guardian will be permitted to accompany the child.

Private Water Supply

To protect the people within its jurisdiction from contracting and transmitting waterborne disease, the Greene County Health Department has established the private water program through an agreement with the Illinois Department of Public Health to assure provision of safe, potable supplies of water for drinking, culinary and sanitary purposes. The majority of the county’s population is supplied by public water; however, many county residents must rely on individual water supplies.

To ensure that underground water resources are protected from contamination, and that existing private water supplies are safe, free from bacteria, and other contamination, the Environmental Health Division provides a consultation and inspection service. The service includes providing sterile water sample bottles, sampling the water supply, inspecting the private water facilities, interpreting the laboratory report and advising as to how to disinfect a polluted private water supply system.

Permits are issued by the Department prior to constructon of new private water wells, followed by inspection, sample and analysis reporting to owner. Permits are issued by the Department prior to the sealing of all abandoned wells.

​Contact Greene County Heath Department Environmental Health staff at (217) 942-6961 for more information on water testing procedures and charges.