Private Sewage Disposal

Approximately one-half of the County’s total population is served by individual sewage disposal systems. In order to eliminate transmission of disease, environmental contamination, and nuisances resulting from improper handling, storage, transportation and disposal of inadequately treated sewage, the Environmental Health Division provides technical consultations and distributes educational materials related to the different aspects of private sewage disposal system and their environmental benefits and/or public health threats caused by improper sewage disposal.

An agreement with the Illinois Department of Public Health provides the legal base for enforcement of the Illinois Department of Public Health Private Sewage Disposal Licensing Act and Code. This code defines proper design, construction, and maintenance of private sewage systems. Upon approval of the plan, the permit is issued and the Health Department provides inspection service for final installation.

Sewage complaints are identified by failure, location, and types of systems or design.

Subdivision planning, realtors, zoning and planning agencies are appropriately informed on issues affecting private sewage disposal systems.

Private Sewage Permits (new or altered systems) shall be submitted to Greene County Health Department for approval prior to any construction is to be performed.