Emergency Preparedness

The role of the Greene County Health Department has always been to address public health needs and respond to emergencies. The Greene County Health Department wants every resident of Greene County to be assured that the agency has taken and is continuing to take the necessary steps to respond to emergencies. Greene County Health Department has been working closely with Thomas H. Boyd Memorial Hospital, First Responders, ESDA, federal, state, and local agencies to develop emergency response plans.

The Greene County Emergency Preparedness Task Force is planned as a collaboration of the following people:

  • Greene County Health Department
  • Boyd Healthcare Services
  • ESDA Coordinator
  • Fire Departments & Law Enforcement
  • Faith Based Organizations
  • Red Cross
  • Local Schools
  • Coroner
  • Mayors
  • Pharmacists
  • Farm Services
  • County Board Chairman
  • Local First Responders