Greene County Health Department’s Breastfeeding Peer Counselor has personal breastfeeding experience. She lives in your community. She has been carefully selected by WIC and trained in breastfeeding techniques and counseling skills. She will give basic breastfeeding information and support to new mothers. The Breastfeeding Peer Counselor wants to help mother’s achieve their own breastfeeding goals.

The Peer Counselor will help mothers with normal breastfeeding and refer mothers experiencing concerns outside the norm to health professionals. Peer Counselors give information and support on:

  • Reasons to breastfeed
  • Address common barriers-embarrassment, returning to work, and lack of support from family and friends
  • Getting a good start with breastfeeding
  • Maintaining a healthy milk supply
  • Preventing common concerns–sore nipples and engorgement
  • Strategies for getting through the first weeks home with baby
  • How to know breastfeeding is going well
  • How to know when to call for help
  • Resources, such as breast pumps, available to mothers

The Peer Counselor will listen to you. She will contact you during pregnancy to answer any infant feeding questions to help you prepare for a new baby. She will answer questions or concerns after baby is born. She will assist you in getting more help from other healthcare professionals, if needed.

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Most importantly she will ENCOURAGE you. So don’t be scared or get discouraged!!! If you have any questions or concerns–At ALL–please call our breastfeeding peer counselor at (217) 942-6961.