IMPORTANT: All Services by appointment only.

Following the guidance of IDPH for limiting exposure, Greene County Health Department will temporarily be providing all services by appointment only. For WIC, Immunizations, Flu Shots, TB Skin Testing, Pregnancy Testing, and High Blood Pressure Testing, please call to make an appointment. You will be screened when you arrive for your scheduled visit. Adults: only the individual needing a service may enter. For children: A parent or guardian will be permitted to accompany the child.

Food Sanitation

The broad objective of food sanitation is to protect the citizens within its jurisdiction from contracting and transmitting foodborne disease. The local health department shall perform a comprehensive food protection program and shall establish an objective to assure provision of safe, wholesome and sanitary food services. The department provides presentations and news releases to educate the public.

The local health department shall undertake to identify, reduce, and whenever possible, eliminate factors which may cause foodborne illnesses in order to reduce the incidents of foodborne illnesses.

The program shall be operated in accordance with the Greene County Food Sanitation ordinance which incorporates by reference the Department’s Food Service Sanitation Code and Retail Food Store Sanitation Code (77 Ill. Adm. Code 750 and 760) and shall include Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) concepts as a means of determining the Critical Control Points (CCP) required to control identified hazards.

The Environmental Health Division shall continue to be active in administering effective food protection activities in the jurisdiction of the local health department.

Greene County Health Department offers Food Service Sanitation Manager Certification and Refresher Courses throughout the year.


Due to COIVD-19 our Food Protection Manager Certification classes have been postponed until further notice.

Food Protection Manager Training & Certification Requirements

Food Facility Planning

The Environmental Health Division conducts plan reviews and approves construction plans for food facilities prior to opening to assure highest standards of sanitation and food safety. Plan reviews and inspections are provided for all food facilities including restaurants, retail stores, supervised care homes, school cafeterias, mobile food units, temporary events and special events.

Foodborne Illness Investigationg

The Environmental Health Division also manages a program section that includes investigation of foodborne illness outbreaks and complaints associated with food facilities. Follow this link ( to the Illinois Department of Public Health to review information regarding food and water borne illness. Please contact Greene County Health Department within 24 hours if you feel like you have come in contact with a food or water borne bacteria.

Greene Co Heatlh Dept Food Sanitation